Friday 1/31

Friday 1/31

For this assignment, I looked on the website titled “Women of China”. This website contains information about current women’s issues and provides perspectives from Chinese women. The article I selected was an op-ed piece discussing why the lengthy school process was causing men and women to get married later in life. The author wrote of men older than 30 and women about 27 as being “leftovers” meaning they have surpassed marrying age. The author proposed to shorten the duration of primary and secondary school so that young adults could enter the work force earlier and met their spouse.

I found this article very interesting in comparison to the documentary we watched last week. The people in the documentary had an unquenchable desire to be successful and were willingly to give up every personal part of their life to achieve success. After seeing that documentary, I was impressed by the work ethic of young Chinese adults and have to wonder about this op-ed piece. This women’s piece is certainly interesting but it seems tied more to traditional Chinese values such as marriage and family than the modern Chinese adult.

Here is the link to the article:

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  1. I found it very interesting that Huang Yanru believed it to be “too late for them to enter society” at the age of 22 when they finished college. As you wrote, the author suggests shortening the schooling period, though I’m curious as to how the details of that would be figured. With only two years each for junior and senior high school, would some curriculum be cut out, or is he expecting the school system to time crunch more? I’d more likely suggest them starting school a year or two earlier, as it was written that, typically, Chinese children start school at the ages of 6 or 7. Though, I still find it hard to understand the term “leftovers” being used.

  2. For more on the issue of “Leftover Women” in China, see the work of Leta Hong Fincher, who has a forthcoming book on its way in April, and has also written excellent articles on the topic. A quick google search will bring up many good references.

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