January 20th Post

January 20th Post

In keeping with my China Digital Times article focused on womens’ modeling in China, I read an article from global voices focused on women’s feminist activits. One of the main activist is named Xiao Meili. This woman’s efforts are remarkable in trying to raise awareness about women’s inequality and empower women to feel safe. The article notes how many women are put at a severe risk of sexual abuse by just walking on the street alone. Meili is doing a walk from Beijing to Guangzho which is noted to be about 2,000 kilometers.


Meili’s efforts are remarkable but I was saddened to see that she seems to be the only major face of the cause. As I read last week in China Digital Times, female models endure horrible living conditions. After reading this most recent article, I keep feeling more and more unaware of Chinese womens’ information. ┬áIn the United States, we have a plethora of women’s activism groups and are highly more cognizant of womens’ interests than China. I am curious and excited to keep following female news stories throughout the semester.



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